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We are an interior design team where we intend to satisfy all our customers' dreams. The dream guides our work and involvement in each project as an extension of us and our clients.

Ar Livre Collection

O sofá modular para exterior


Decor collection

Cozinhas por medida

About Us 

NOGALDIMENSION uses the power of design to transform even the simplest area into a stunning, balanced and functional space. An experienced interior designer, he began his career in the large retail market, has developed a loyal and enthusiastic clientele of private and commercial clients. Get in touch to find out more about working with our team.



Add value to your property with the touch of design

projetos 3d

Planning functionality and decoration

Tailor-made solutions make a big difference in an area. we offer the ideal way to bring out the best in any space with the most creative proposals. 

Cozy Living Room

Pre-construction advice

Each house or building has its own personality. With some pre-construction advisory touches, it is essential to add value to your area, NOGALDIMENSION works to discover what can bring special to your project.

kitchen rehab

3D projects

Sometimes a small change makes a big difference in a problem area. This service, in particular, NOGALDIMENSION, offers the ideal way to demonstrate the best of any space under design at a stage where changes are still possible.

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kitchen remodeling

the modern kitchen

This location has been completely rethought to create a timeless, graceful and interesting space. The end result exceeded customer expectations.

WC with custom-made storage

Elegant and Functional 

In this space, a creative mix of lines and materials were inserted in the infrastructure, skilfully highlighting functionality and storage. The result is a balanced and beautiful area, in harmony with the environment.


Get in touch today to find out how the NOGALDIMENSION team can transform your space.


TV. at Rua Principal, 2510 Gaeiras, Portugal

Phone: (11) 3456-7890

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